Our Story

Welcome to Soul Beat Television Network!

Soul Beat is a multi-generational multimedia platform that preserves the history, culture and spirit of Oakland in today’s fast-moving world.
We are located in Oakland, CA where we represent the culture in everything we do. For us to authentically pay homage to Oakland’s rich history, we show love to our local small businesses.

Soul Beat Entertainment Network is the modern incarnation of Oakland’s pioneering Black-owned television network, established in 1978. Today, Soul Beat Entertainment Network seamlessly blends the rich legacy of its roots with contemporary innovation, utilizing online platforms, social media, and event production to engage a grassroots network that amplifies community voices.

We’re more than just a media company; we’re a dynamic hybrid of community organization and media hub, specializing in culture, news, and entertainment, with a hyperlocal focus. Our unique model fosters networking, collaboration, and movement-building, encompassing a wide demographic sector that spans generations and welcomes individuals from all walks of life.

We Are The Community

Our Modern-Day Mission

As an entertainment company, our mission is to respect the historic past of Soul Beat by giving Oakland the informative and entertaining content the community deserves.

When Soul Beat came to fruition in 1978, its unique position offered community members various ways to engage.

Back in the day, Soul Beat featured:

Original programming
Web-based educational resources
Social media outreach
Public events, and
Coverage of community news and activities.

We are bringing back this daily hotspot for our community to enjoy!

Soul Beat has been a vital part of Oakland’s history and served as an economic engine for so many years. In the 21st century, the Bay Area and the world need to be part of Soul Beat’s iconic brand.

The Future Of Soul Beat

Our vision is to make sure customers feel proud to collaborate with an authentic and relatable brand like Soul Beat. Through high-value partnerships and sponsorships, we will circulate wealth back into the Oakland community.

Oakland is an investment and we’re ready to go all-in!