How To Scale Your Small Business With Soul Beat Exposure

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Soul Beat’s iconic reign and influence in the entertainment industry continues…

At this very moment, are you where you want to be in life?

This yes or no question seems to stump the masses but it’s quite simple to answer. Here, we’ll help you out! Think back to the moment you first launched your small business…

Can you:

  • Feel the excitement running through your veins?
  • Envision the crazy success you hoped to see in the near future?
  • See the crowds of people you thought would be knocking at your door?

If you’re not really gettin’ this same vibe from your small business right now (and even if you kind of are), there is always room to grow and glow with the Soul Beat spotlight in Oakland!

Iconic Commercials From Past To Present

Do you remember looking forward to those one-of-a-kind Soul Beat commercials that kept your eyes glued to the screen? These commercials gave black-owned businesses the exposure they needed to tell their brand story to the community. Well, we’re bringing them back in full swing!

Oakland’s very own Soul Beat Television Network is on the hunt for stellar small and mid-sized businesses to support. All you have to do is go to the Soul Beat website and fill out a questionnaire about your business. Tell us what makes your spot the place to be. Don’t be shy!

Soul Beat had such a vital impact on the community culture in the 80s and 90s that people are still reminiscing about the highlights today. That could be your business they’re raving about!

Top-Tier Production That Stands The Test Of Time

Our high-visibility website and Instagram page are both fair game for your customized commercial! The Soul Beat production crew uses its cultural voice and years of experience to create captivating commercials for business owners ready to grow. Yes, that’s you!

Become A Household Name With Soul Beat

It’s your time to shine!

Now is the time to boost your sales and showcase your small business with a high-quality commercial broadcasted by Soul Beat. The authenticity of the Soul Beat brand is proud to promote small businesses in Oakland. This is how we invest in the future of our community.

Don’t miss this iconic opportunity. Secure your spot on our promo list today!

Watch the commercials on our soulbeattv Instagram!